Barista Jam coffee shop in Sheung Wan

The Barista Jam shop front showing off their coffee wares.
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The Barista Jam shop front showing off their coffee wares.

The Sheung Wan neighbourhood in Hong Kong has a congregation of great coffee shops, all within walking distance of each other. Perhaps this is the reason why a lot of expats are settling in the area. Or, maybe the other way around, that these coffee shops are meeting the demand from the weary expats seeking quick fixes for the drudgery of daily office life in Hong Kong. Barista Jam is a top notch coffee shop within the Sheung Wan area and is definitely worth your visit. Especially, if you find yourself in a long queue at the nearby Brew Bros. or the Cupping Room.

Barista Jam (Sheung Wan)

Barista Jam has really curated itself with a reputation as having some of the best coffees in Hong Kong. Choose from their selection of single origin coffees (roasted in-house) and if you are none the wiser, let the barista know and you're sure to be well informed. They know their coffees.

Besides coffee, Barista Jam is also known for making great pasta. Pictured below is their mushroom and chicken pasta.

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Possibly the best mushroom and chicken pasta in Hong Kong.

If you are looking for coffee accessories, Barista Jam has everything you need for the home enthusiast. Beans as well.

Pro tip: Try to get in a conversation with the barista and owner. Just make sure it's about coffee and you'll find out how much they love their coffee craft.

What the reviewers are saying

Barista Jam definitely puts quality over quantity when it comes to pour-over, as well as charging a decent premium, reflecting the time/effort that goes into making it.

Brian's Coffee Spot

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The coffee counter at Barista Jam.

Barista Jam (Sheung Wan)

G/F, Shop D, 128 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong