Best Thai Food in Hong Kong

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We will be constantly updating our list of the best Thai food in Hong Kong. So far we have looked at Samsen in Wan Chai and we have more coming soon. But for now, Samsen in Wan Chai is a perfect start.

Samsen (Wan Chai)

Samsen is a modern take on traditional Northern Thai cuisine and is set in a no frills but yet stylish decor. The restaurant is popular among locals and tourists alike, mostly via recommendations on favourable experiences and the authentic approach to their dishes. Patrons appreciate that the dishes are prepared with fresh and quality ingredients.

No reservations/bookings taken and it is a popular place so expect long queues between 30 to 60 minutes on good nights.

Their go to dish is the Wagyu Beef Noodle Boat ($128HKD as of 2017) and is highly recommended. But if they run out for the night, we recommend any of their wok dishes but especially the beef stir fried dish on rice.

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Highly recommended Wagyu beef boat noodles

Eating experience

The interior is cosy to say the least but it works as it is charming. Given the long queues for dinner, service is fast and patrons are encouraged to move to their next stop of the evening.

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Samsen interiors.

Thai desserts are highly recommended as they are portion controlled with flavours centered around fresh fruits and chewy textures. Our recommendations below.

Dessert recommendations

  1. Coconut ice cream
  2. Fresh mango sticky rice
  3. Coconut dumplings in salted caramel
  4. Glutinous pandan rice balls in coconut soup
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Glutinous pandan rice balls in coconut soup.

Pro tip : Grab a beer from 7-Eleven while you wait to be seated

Samsen (Wan Chai)

68 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai, Hong Kong