COEDO Taproom: Japanese Craft Beer in Causeway Bay

Modernised Japanese izakaya in Causeway Bay.
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Modernised Japanese izakaya in Causeway Bay.

COEDO Taproom is better known for their variety of Japanese craft beers on tap as their Japanese BBQ style skewers can be a hit and miss affair with patrons. As COEDO tends to be on the expensive end, we recommend visiting COEDO specially for their premium quality beers.

COEDO Taproom (Causeway Bay)

COEDO Taproom is perfectly suited for a few cold beers for after work drinks or catching up with friends. The beers tend to be on the expensive side but they are premium Japanese craft beers and aren't the typical beers on tap. They have a variety of beers on tap and range from $27HKD (XS) to $88HKD (L).

Pair your beer with Japanese izakaya style dishes such as kushiyaki (BBQ meat skewers).

Seating layout and ambience

There is outdoor seating for groups of around 4-6 people that sits amongst a pedestrian only walkway. The ambience is feels lively but not as active as say Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Inside caters for smaller groups of around 2-4 with a variety of seating arrangements and further inside offers a more intimate and private setting.

Pro tip: Beer Tasting Platter (picured below).

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Beer tasting platter. All in XS size.

COEDO Taproom Happy Hour

A beer upsize on all days between 3pm and 7pm

What the reviewers are saying

I had never had a COEDO beer before so I elected to get their flight of 5 of their mainstay beers. I enjoyed each but was really impressed with the Shiaka, a dark lager.

Thirsty Giraffe

COEDO Taproom (Causeway Bay)

Hong Kong, Towning Mansion, Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Located within the Fashion Walk area of Causeway Bay.