A night of Lockhart road in Wan Chai

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A busier than usual night out on Lockhart Road. Expect these sort of crowds during the Hong Kong Sevens and major televised sporting events.

Lockhart road is often associated as being the seedy red light district of Hong Kong and on most nights it does lives up to that expectation. This isn't meant to be a deterrent though, especially if you want the 'anything can happen' kind of night out in Hong Kong.

If you unsure about the Lockhart road discretions, there are some rules of thumb you can apply. Proceed with caution before closed doors and, in most cases on Lockhart road, establishments with drawn curtain entrances. If you are still unsure, we've listed a few 'safe zones' for those that are looking for more appropriate tales to tell their friends afterwards.

Beyond the seediness, some bars do have live bands and don't be so surprised if they are actually good.

What to expect on Lockhart Road

  • Men so intoxicated they are literally falling over and face planting.
  • One of the best times to visit the area is during the Hong Kong Sevens where it takes on the street party atmosphere.
  • Groups of exotic women. If you can't figure why you are so popular that night, you probably shouldn't be there in the first place but in either case you can politely let them know you already have company... or not.

Pro-tip: Live music is a little known fact about the Lockhart road establishments.

Typhoon Bar

Typhoon is one of those great bars for starting an evening, or a place where the night with last rounds.

Opens up on to Lockhart road. Perfect for the breezy, hot and humid evening. (Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/iamjucifer/)
Image credit: @iamjucifer| Instagram

Opens up on to Lockhart road. Perfect for the breezy, hot and humid evening.

Typhoon Bar

37 - 39 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai

The White Stag

If there is one thing you are assured of at The White Stag is great service. Popular throughout the week as requlars catchup over a beer and they host well attended quiz nights every Sunday and Monday from 7:30pm.

The White Stag on a quiet evening. (Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/jeffreykfchan/)
Image credit: @jeffreykfchan| Instagram

The White Stag on a quiet evening.

The White Stag

54-62 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Joe Bananas

Joe Bananas isn't on Lockhart road but it's one street off and it's too good not to mention. An expat crowd, live music, dancing, live televised sports and attentive wait staff.

Joe Bananas doesn't stay empty like this for long. (Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/chupeeppayy89/)
Image credit: @chupeeppayy89| Instagram

Joe Bananas doesn't stay empty like this for long.

Joe Bananas

The Phoenix Bldg, 23 Luard Rd, Wan Chai